About Cindy Parrish

Imagine you’re an 11-year-old girl – how can you know who you can become? Perhaps the answer to your future lies in the past. Inspired by the story of Harriet Tubman (who discovered her purpose in life when at the age of 11 she tried to prevent the capture of a runaway slave) the Heroic Girlz Educational Project guides contemporary girls in an exploration of the lives of heroic, historic women (when they were girls) and to draw a parallel between themselves and these *great* women. Playwright, filmmaker, and teacher, Cindy L. Parrish, will tell the story of HEROIC GIRLZ, the play, award-winning film, and life-changing educational project. Her talk will describe the need in our culture for coming-of-age education for girls, and will feature clips from the film and the documentary MAKING HISTORY. In HEROIC GIRLZ each of the historic women relives an important moment from her 11-year-old girlhood. Elizabeth Cady Stanton’s father asks her “why couldn’t you have been born a boy?” Louisa May Alcott runs footraces and develops a passion for writing, Amelia Bloomer defies the oppression of heavy dresses and male-imposed silence for women, and Amelia Earhart plummets down a homemade rollercoaster!