About Blain Smith

I thrive on solving problems in the areas of web sites all the way through to mechanical issues with my truck and motorcycle. It is a thrill to take a step back and bask in the moment of accomplishment. I blame my parents for that.

I began my career in web development early on in high school back in 1998 working for a small startup internet company. Coming from a purely web development background it felt like there was a hole missing in my life so I decided to go full bore into web design to balance myself out. With the help of my buddy Kevin and attending conferences and reading blog after blog after blog and book after book about this stuff I am starting to feel more well rounded in know hows of the interweb.

I am a partner at MadGlory Interactive, a web software company for the gaming industry. I also co-own Adjacent Concepts, a web design and custom web app development shop based in Boston.

I also train at Feral CrossFit and attempt to compete at the CrossFit Games. Blacksmithing and welding is also some other of my other hobbies.

P.S. I like the Alien movies and anything to do with zombies!

Talk Description

I wanted to cover how being different, passionate, talented, hungry, etc. landed me in life where I am now as a new father, partner at a successful business with no degree, and surrounded by amazing people.

My history will include my educational history, life choices I’ve made, being driven and self-taught, and how I approached creating myself.

The point of the talk would be by taking control of your life and decisions, being different and hungry to better yourself and you will end up successful in all of your!