About Heather Barmore

Heather Barmore is an avid C-SPAN viewer, former education lobbyist, an avid storyteller and writer of narrative non-fiction essays. For the last nine years she has been writing about her life at No Pasa Nada and politics at Poliogue: The Art of Political Dialogue. She has also been a contributor to BlogHer.com, Babble.com and a host of other sites. When she isn’t lobbying or writing she is passionate about helping other women become better advocates for themselves and their communities. She also speaks on the topics of women of color, education policy and using social media for political engagement. She was born, raised and currently resides in Albany, NY.

Talk Description

I have made a career from being borderline obsessed with the United States Congress. While the rest of America remains apathetic towards congress and politics in general, I remain passionate and unwavering in the necessity for others to participate in the democratic process. How does a young, black woman fall in love with the legislative branch of government and why should we, as citizens, care about Washington, D.C.