About Reg Harnish

Reg Harnish is an entrepreneur, security specialist, speaker and the Chief Security Strategist for GreyCastle Security.

Reg has nearly 15 years of security experience, specializing in security solutions for financial services, healthcare, higher education and other industries. Reg’s security expertise ranges from Risk
Management, Incident Response and regulatory compliance to network, application and physical security. Reg brings a unique, thought-provoking perspective to his work, and he strives to promote 
awareness, establish security fundamentals and reduce risk for GreyCastle Security clients.

Reg is a frequent speaker and has presented at prominent events, including US Cyber Crime, Symantec Vision, ISACA, ISSA, InfraGard and more. Reg’s successes have been featured in several leading industry journals, including Software Magazine, Computerworld and InfoWorld.

Talk Description

The pace of databreaches has reached epic proportions. Organizations large and small, in every industry are falling victim to hackers, hacktivists and nation states. Your intellectual property, data and bank accounts have never been at greater risk – it’s not if, but when your organization will be victimized. Developing and maintaining an effective Incident Response plan and team has never been more important.