About Cristin Steding

Cristin Steding is a writer, backpacker and aspiring mountaineer. As a kid she thought nature was stupid and planned to move to New York City, but then a funny thing happened and she ended up falling in love with the mountains. She writes about hiking, food and feminism for publications like Misadventures and All Over Albany. Cristin is also the creator of Upstate Club, a guide to outdoor adventure in Upstate New York, which publishes a monthly mini-magazine called the Upstate Dispatch.

Talk Description

We live in a world of happiness projects, following one’s bliss and trying to figure out which socks spark the most joy. And while constant elation sounds great, the quest for it is ultimately exhausting and disappointing.

It turns out, the key to a rewarding life does not lie in organizing the cutlery, or even in doing the things you like.
What we desperately need more of, is misery. By willingly and wholeheartedly embracing loathsome activities, far better than things can be accomplished than mere happiness.