About Nick Pozek

Nick Pozek is an innovator and humanitarian. He serves as the Assistant Director of Asian Legal Programs at Columbia Law School and holds posts in both the Center for Japanese Legal Studies and the Center for Chinese Legal Studies. Working at the intersection of technology, policy, and culture, Nick has held leadership roles at internationally-recognized cultural and charitable organizations such as Asia Society, the League of American Orchestras, and Carnegie Museum of Art. Nick lives in New York City’s Upper East Side.

Talk Description

Profound shifts in technology, communication, and transportation have reshaped the way we participate in the global community. Our ideas, information, and messages are now able to circumnavigate the globe with unprecedented velocity, deepening our understanding of our shared experiences and bringing forward our complex differences. As individuals, we have an unprecedented capacity to effect change and realize a previously unimaginable impact. We are beckoned to greater service as stewards of our shared global future and citizens of the world. This talk will explore our new global identities through three questions: How do we understand our role in the world? What does a global mindset mean for our everyday lives? How can we recognize our own unique contribution toward creating a better world?