About Nick Pozek

Nick Pozek is an innovator and humanitarian. He serves as the Assistant Director of Asian Legal Programs at Columbia Law School and holds posts in both the Center for Japanese Legal Studies and the Center for Chinese Legal Studies. Working at the intersection of technology, policy, and culture, Nick has held leadership roles at internationally-recognized cultural and charitable organizations such as Asia Society, the League of American Orchestras, and Carnegie Museum of Art. Nick lives in New York City’s Upper East Side.

Talk Description

In an increasingly volatile, uncertain, and divided world, can we find common ground and address the existential threats facing humanity? Culture and creativity draw us together to explore our shared human experiences and celebrate our differences. By building bridges of cultural understanding, we also erecting the platforms for collaboration that will enable us to overcome the seemingly intractable challenges of the 21st century. This talk explores how the visual and performing arts lead us to discover our shared humanity and pave a pathway to peace.