TEDxAlbany Is Just One Week Away!

Woah, have you looked at a calendar recently? TEDxAlbany is just one week away and we couldn’t be more excited. Because it would be impossible. That’s how excited we are.

You can stalk the full schedule of what to expect on our Event page or head directly to the 2013 Talks page to learn more about our impressive list of speakers. We’ve worked really hard to bring together a panel of folks who represent the best, the brightest and the most innovative from our area?and those just beyond it.

This year, TEDxAlbany will include national thought leaders like Julien Smith,Errol KolosineJon Bowermaster and Noel Hidalgo. And we’re equally thrilled to show off the smarts and innovativeness of those living in our backyard with talks from Bill HoffmanMarcus HanwellMichele Dutcher, Albany Police ChiefSteven Krokoff and others. Conversations will move from tech, to medicine, to government, to our local community and to the future of our global environment all within the span of one day. Don’t worry; we’ll have all the coffee you need to keep yourself fueled.

We’re also excited to announce our emcee for the event – Greg Dahlmann. As many of you know, Greg is the dry wit and humor behind the incredibly-popularAll Over Albany news site. We consider Greg our very own local celebrity (and that was before the TODAY Show mention!) so it’s great to have him on board and part of our big event.

If you weren’t able to grab a coveted seat at TEDxAlbany, fear not. We’ll be livestreaming the entire event right here on the TEDxAlbany site so you won’t miss a second of the action (your boss will never know?). That’s right: the entire even will be livestreamed so you can watch it from wherever you are. Just head to the Event page on November 14 to be part of the day’s events and to chat with our online audience.

Remember, the TEDxAlbany After-Party will kickoff around 5:30pm at Albany’s Midtown Tap & Tea room and is free and open to the public. Make sure you stop by and have a drink with us.

It’s coming. Get ready.