10 Reasons to Attend TEDxAlbany – 10 Days from Today!

Yes. It’s really that soon, we can hardly believe it ourselves!

Ten days from now, we’ll be gathered in the Overit studio, eagerly awaiting talks from 14 different experts, authors and all around interesting people. Counting our speakers, there are at least 24 good reasons to attend TEDxAlbany, but we’ll stick with the ten here.

#1. You’ll be motivated to go be important. Heather Barmore will explain why we, as citizens, should care about what happens in Washington, D.C.

#2. Have the satisfaction of running a marathon – for your mind! We have 14 awesome talks lined up, all day, from 9:15 a.m. to 5p.m. Your brain will undoubtedly get flexed!

#3. Learn about something you once (probably) knew nothing about. Learn directly from the experts, like Julie Pilitsis, who will be talking about women in neurosurgery. In particular, she’ll discuss retention in the program and the issues female medical students face during their residency.

#4. Child trafficking happens in the Capital District, and it’s something we should be aware of and working to prevent. Madeline Hannan, Project Director of ChildRight, will speak on the need to respond to the national crisis of child sex and labor trafficking through child welfare, and what’s being done about child trafficking in the Capital Region.

#5. By total coincidence, the male to female speaker ratio is split 50/50. We aren’t entirely sure if this is a reason to attend, but it’s pretty darn interesting.

#6. There will be food (breakfast AND lunch). It’s probably the same reason you go to your second-cousin-once-removed’s birthday party. So why not come here? We won’t even ask you to help us with dishes.

#7. Be part of a community. You’ll get a chance to network, not only with speakers, but also with potential friends and partners in the Capital Region, while learning about issues and ideas that may have real influence in our community.

#8. Would you really rather be working? Yeah, we didn’t think so!

#9. You don’t care about your internet security, but you should. Reg Harnish, Chief Security Strategist at Greycastle Security, will explain how the pace of data breaches has reached epic proportions, and what you should be doing to protect your intellectual property.

#10. Hang out in a neat space. When’s the last time you spent eight or nine hours in a church? Overit is a digital marketing agency that has made its home in a rehabilitated, traditional gothic church. We think you’ll enjoy it.

Again, if you need any further convincing of why you should be here, just check out our event’s schedule. We have a solid line-up this year, and we couldn’t be more thrilled! If you haven’t registered already, the clock is ticking. Reserve your spot today!