Meet the Speakers – TEDxAlbany 2014!


The talks. They’re really what TEDx is all about. Bringing people with ideas into a room to spark ideas and action among others.

We can pretty much guarantee that these talks won’t disappoint.

On topics of activism and social justice, we’ll hear from Madeline Hannan on responding to child trafficking in our community, Matt Stempeck on exploring the connection between media coverage and disaster aid, and Gabrielle Horowitz-Prisco discussing our state’s practice of prosecuting children as adults and other disparities underpinning our justice system. Then Heather Barmore will explain why we need to go be important, and why we should care about what happens in Washington, DC.

Then, we have the tech and security experts, like Chris Ruen, who plans to tell us why our internet is broken and how we can remap it to reach its true potential, and Reg Harnish on cyber security and what to do when your organization gets hacked. Chris Dutra will then speak on evolving role of software in our lives, and the unintended consequences, and impacts, on humanity. We’ll also learn how LED lights are brightening the future of global health, with Terri Jordan.

The health conversation will expand to include talks from Ewan McNay, sharing recent discoveries from his lab on the links between type 2 diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease, and Dr. Lloyd Sederer, who will speak on mental illness and what to do when it enters the family.

Amy Biancolli, author of Figuring Sh!t Out: Love, Laughter, Suicide and Survival, will talk about how we reinvent ourselves and our family dynamics when we lose a loved one, finding meaning and laughter with those who remain. After reading her book, we discovered a passage where she talks about her visit to an open house for a “hip multimedia company that rehabbed a neighborhood church” and we realized, “hey, that’s Overit!” We’re excited to learn that this will be her second time visiting the building that TEDxAlbany 2014 is held in.

Laura Glazer will help us all fall (deeper) in love with the Capital Region through her ongoing “Hello Pretty City” projects that contribute beauty, magic and love into the region. And if you’ve ever wondered how, exactly, celebrity moguls like Michael Jackson and Jay-Z rose from musicians to household-name-superstars, Zack Greenburg plans to present what he’s learned as a reporter about monetization of fame in the music industry. Are you excited yet?

Register for your seat in the audience now, you won’t want to miss out!